HEI Summit 2018

Engaging New Allies in the Health Equity Movement: A Partnership Summit Friday, February 23, 2018 New York, NY Save the Date!   About the Summit This 2018 Summit will build on the elements that worked successfully in HEI’s 2016 Summit and incorporate new themes that will expand the reach of the health equity movement. It will […]

Sports for Health Equity

  Be a champion for health equity. Take the HEI pledge now!   While countless reports show that disadvantaged groups suffer higher rates of disease, injury and death than more privileged groups and/or the general population, only 59% of US adults are aware of the significant health disparities (differences in health outcomes and/or diseases or health conditions […]


Every donation, no matter how large or small, is much appreciated and helps make a difference!   Health Equity Initiative (HEI) is dedicated to building a global community that engages across sectors to advance health equity, and to create better chances for better health for all. Founded in 2011, HEI works to build community, capacity, […]

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