Our Impact

Members of Health Equity Initiative join more than an organization. HEI is a social movement that seeks to heighten attention to health equity issues and spur action to address them. We are founded on the belief that all of us must be part of the solution, and that every community, every sector, every professional or stakeholder in a healthier society should have the ability to help create better chances for better health among disadvantaged communities.

By breaking down silos that isolate sectors and stakeholders, HEI empowers its members with connections, innovative ideas, resources, and skills to improve their effectiveness in addressing health disparities in their communities, professions, and in specific groups and populations.

We will apply best quality standards used for the evaluation of membership organizations to assess our specific organizational goals, strategies and practices, extending to each category of activity. Whenever possible, we will measure our results: our demonstrable impact on behavior, policy, and social and organizational change within different groups, communities, and professional sectors as reported by our diverse membership.
HEI Impact

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