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Our Mission

We are a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to build and sustain a global community that engages across sectors and disciplines to advance health equity.  Some of the ways we do this is by building community, capacity and communication resources in support of the work and efforts of our members and broader community.  We seek to encourage the development of a multidisciplinary social movement that is engaged with and works toward innovative solutions to health equity issues via systems-level change. We are unique in our efforts to bridge the silos among different professions, communities, and different stakeholders in health equity issues, so that together we can build ONE community for health equity.

Overall Strategic Goals 2014 - 2015                                                                                                   Building community, capacity, and strategic communication resources for health equity
  1. Bring together community leaders and professionals across sectors to foster innovation in promoting health equity
  2. Build capacity of multiple professional sectors and communities to address health equity/health disparities
  3. Raise awareness of health equity/health disparities and broader root causes among different publics, policymakers, communities, and other key stakeholders
  4. Strengthen/continue to build the kind of organizational infrastructure that would support long-term sustainability of our mission and activities and encourage a culture of participation and volunteerism among members


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