Our Values

Every morning, HEI’s team leaves behind a variety of personal and family commitments. These are the values that motivate our efforts everyday and inspire all of our actions at HEI!

Passion – for making a difference in people’s health and lives
Commitment – to social justice as it relates to health equity as well as intersectoral approaches on broader determinants of health
Participation – as the basis of our approach for all HEI action areas, activities, and partnerships
Entrepreneurship – to make things happen in new and creative ways
Inclusiveness – in feeling that all opinions are welcome and should be carefully considered and evaluated
Dedication – to our mission, members, partners, and ultimately the communities that suffer from health disparities
Integrity – as our motivation to go beyond organizational agendas, and focus only on evidence-based practices in developing our programs and partnerships
Sustainability – as our goal in fostering new approaches to join across sectors, pooling resources and mobilizing for a common cause
Teamwork – in our “zero politics” attitude when it comes to working with others and helping make progress toward health equity
Professionalism – as our basis for our problem-solving perseverance as well as respecting internal and external stakeholders, and recognizing the expert in everybody, every partner and interlocutor

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