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HEI Member Committees are a great place to start networking.  As we build the multisectoral organization you have asked for, HEI needs your help to make sure this continues to be YOUR organization. As a member-driven organization, you take ownership of direction and focus through the member committees!  Your passion, commitment, and cumulative multisectoral experience is what makes HEI different.  All committees are composed of volunteer members who agree to nurture and ignite conversation and engagement on health equity and work to develop activities and resources for all members and our broader community on one specific area. Member committees also work to continue to strengthen HEI and are renewed each year.  They work to make sure our social movement in support of health equity continues to grow and to be effective in bridging the silos between different professional sectors and communities.  In addition to connecting in the online forum of these groups (see our Members-Only Center), committees often meet monthly via conference call or webinar as decided by their members and chairs.  Different committees work together and participate in inter-committees calls, which are a forum for the discussion of new ideas and proposals by individual committees.  HEI's board of directors oversees the work of the committees to ensure it aligns with the organization's mission and strategic priorities for any given year.

Please click here for the January 2015-June 2016 activity report of HEI member committees!

Login our Member-Only Center and sign up for one or more of the committees listed below, or propose ideas for additional ones to be considered.  Don’t wait to meet new colleagues from different sectors who can help you strengthen your work to advance health equity!

Committee Overview


Coordinates member recruitment and develops ideas and resources for member recruitment and renewal. Conducts membership drives and other relevant activities to effectively recruit new members.


Solicits member nominations for HEI’s Annual Health Equity Champion Awards (first awardees in 2015).  Ensures the creation of nomination packages and collaborates with other committees to ensure adequate recognitions of awardees.


Develops and implements strategies to increase HEI’s visibility within multiple sectors. Manages HEI’s social media and other communication activities and resources. Publicizes specific events, programs, and activities and works to design or implement other ongoing or future health equity awareness initiatives.

Professional development

Solicits member input on professional development and capacity building needs within different professions and communities. Drives HEI’s call for volunteer facilitators.  Coordinates and publicizes (in collaboration with the communication committee) online workshops and other relevant activities.


Identifies and solicits potential sponsors for HEI activities and events.  Focuses efforts on creating sustainable and dedicated scholarship funds to increase access to community leaders and nonprofit organizations with limited budget to HEI’s online workshops and membership.  Organizes one event per year (first event in late 2015) to recognize recipients of HEI Health Equity Champion Awards as well as the organization’s celebrity spokespeople

Public policy

  • First theme/area of focus: How to establish a stronger link between healthcare, community development, public health, urban design, and other health equity-related work and policies within different professions and communities. See also dedicated discussion forum in our Member-Only Center
  • Review public policy on health equity issues at the local, national, and organizational levels and make recommendations to the board of directors on potential member resources and educational events HEI should develop for its members
  • Draft and present to the board of directors and within inter-committee calls or meetings an action plan for relevant member resources and events (to be implemented starting from late 2015)
  • Solicit member input on relevant topics via formal tools and methods


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