Speaker Bureau

Connect, engage, and create impact

Connect with different colleagues and communities at meetings and conferences or become a frequent media resource by joining Health Equity Initiative’s forming Speaker Bureau for HEI members only.  If you have 10 or more years of experience in your current professional sector or in providing community leadership on relevant health-equity related topics, and you can speak about how your work or area of interest contributes to advancing health equity, and have experience with public speaking in all or specific meeting or media settings, WE WANT TO PROVIDE VISIBILITY TO YOUR WORK AND PROMOTE INNOVATION ON HEALTH EQUITY ISSUES BY HELPING YOU SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITHIN DIFFERENT SECTORS AND COMMUNITIES.

Applications for the first 20 speakers in our forming speaker bureau can be completed by August 30, 2014 by logging in our Member-Only CenterOnly HEI individual members in good standing can participate.

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