A Community of Practice


Fostering Innovation via A Multisectoral Approach

Health Equity Initiative is committed to building and sustaining a multisectoral community that engages across sectors on a variety of research and practice efforts.  We believe in evidence-based solutions as well as the much needed integration of research and practice. We are professionals and concerned citizens from different fields and communities, ALL coming together in support of health equity. We hope you will take advantage of our multisectoral approach to connect with members from different professions, so that you can share resources and input on tackling health disparities in your community, city, or country. Since complex social problems require sophisticated tools, we feel that several questions still need to be addressed and should inform the development of innovative solutions and resources for health equity.   These may include:

  • What are key determinants of behavior, and intermediate steps to behavior adoption and maintenance among different lay (minority, ethnic, vulnerable, cultural, etc.) and professional (healthcare, policy, private, nonprofit, etc.) communities?
  • What are some of the capacity building and training needs among  professionals, organizations, and communities that seek to advance their work in support of health equity?
  • What are some of the lessons learned and success factors from different models for community mobilization and citizen engagement?

We invite you to explore these and many other questions and resources within our Member-Only Center, and hopefully, the many partnerships you will establish with other members to expand upon your work.  HEI's team members have significant practical and research experience (both through HEI and the many other affiliations of our team members) and is always available to discuss participation in specific member-led efforts of mutual interest.

With so many opportunities to boost your work by interacting with a multisectoral member community, what are you waiting for to become a member of Health Equity Initiative?






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