Become a Partner

Engage the HEI Community and Increase Your Organization's Visibility

We are not your typical membership organization.

HEI operates a little differently than most membership organizations. We know it's important to break new grounds.

We always keep in mind that our community is made of very different audiences, and that we all come from different sectors. In our world, working together across sectors for the common good is the surest path to health equity.

You probably already know that we are committed to multisectoral solutions and participatory approaches - and if you don't know already, look at our history and highlights of accomplishments.  We also want you to know that you're part of our community. We want you to take full advantage of that by becoming a partner on specific projects or in support of our overall mission.

We customize sponsorship opportunities to meet the needs of our partners and/or for particular events and activities. Our basic sponsorship opportunity ($5,000) include the following benefits:


  • Your logo on rotation on
  • Your logo on one of the two issues of our bi-annual e-newsletter, HEI news, which reaches 10,000 people via our mailing list and social media outreach
  • Opportunity to offer one online workshop (both live and within our member-only recording library)on a health-equity related topic that may be of interest to our members and broader community
  • 1 complementary HEI organizational membership for your organization
  • 3 complementary HEI individual memberships to give to clients or associates who are new to HEI
Who is the HEI community?

Community is at the core of our organization. We are professionals from multiple sectors, community leaders, students, and concerned citizens, all working together in support of health equity. We reach 10,000 people via our mailing list and social media outreach. Here is a snapshot of the many different sectors represented in our community.  As our community is diverse and committed to work across sectors, the following data are percentages of responses (in other words, many of the same respondents identified themselves with more than one sector/area of work) because many of us are engaged in more than one professional sector. (Data from HEI 2013 online survey)

  • 68% work in public health
  • 40% in healthcare, medicine or nursing
  • 27% in health communication
  • 24% in education (also including higher education)
  • 22% in community development
  • 20% in behavioral or social change communication or organizational communication
  • 16% in global health
  • 11% in environmental health or the environment
  • 10% in publishing, journalism/press
  • 10% in nutrition
  • 7% in social work
  • ...and 11% in other areas such as pharmaceutical, arts, sports, biological sciences, entertainment and psychology
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