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Health Equity Initiative (HEI) is dedicated to building a global community that engages across sectors to advance health equity, and to create better chances for better health for all. Founded in 2011, HEI works to build community, capacity, and communication resources for health equity. We are unique in our efforts to bridge silos and build one community for health equity across different professions, communities, and sectors.

Our community is made of people like you, professionals from all sectors and committed citizens -- all wishing to leave a healthier world to their children and grandchildren. It’s a community that cares about making the world a better place, and believes in partnerships as powerful tools to advance health equity. We are professionals from multiple sectors, community leaders, students, and concerned citizens.

At HEI, we believe that there is no magic bullet in advancing health equity, which we define as “providing every person with the same opportunity to stay healthy or effectively cope with disease – regardless of gender, race, age, economic conditions, social status, living environment, workplace, or other socially determined factors.”  Only a committed multisectoral and multidisciplinary community can produce results. Click here for HEI highlights of accomplishments.

Your donation:

  • Supports our 2018 Summit, webinars, and other public events, which  are designed to advance a shared multisectoral/multidisciplinary agenda to advance health equity
  • Contributes to our scholarship fund that allows qualifying community organizations (under $1,000,000 annual budget) to participate in our Summit and other professional development and capacity building opportunities
  • Provides free membership to at least 20 community leaders per year so they can take advantage of HEI resources and opportunities for dialogue across different sectors
  • Funds our communication and media resources both for our members and our broader community
  • Sustains outreach activities, events, and community outreach programs that support health equity
  • Helps give voice to communities, young people, and committed professionals from multiple sectors and disciplines on key issues that are key to advancing health equity

As a donor, you will join a committed group of donors and partners that believe in the importance of bridging silos and building ONE community for health equity.

On behalf of all of us at HEI, and most importantly, the communities our work helps, we are truly grateful for your support! Thank YOU!

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